Initiate a competition on Instagram and make sure you use effective hashtags

Contests or competitions is one of the best ways to engage audience participation. Make sure to indicate what’s in it for them. A competition about the highest number of votes given is an example. Make sure you let them know what can they get for voting more and more photos.

Hashtags are essential for Instagram since it can instantly expand your audience reach.

  • Be wise and make use of hashtags that has high probability of being searched by most people. Don’t use hashtags that can serve temporarily like creating a new hashtag for every specific party you have, as it will have no use anymore when the party’s over.
  • Most of the posts Having five hashtags is what’s usual for most number of posts. Make sure to pick and use one that would be most effective for your target instagram followers.
  • Know that special characters and spaces (!*$@%) are of no use in hashtags.
  • Thirty is the maximum number of hashtags you can put in a post, although you need to be careful as it may look spammy. It would be safe to keep it anywhere between five and twenty five.